Wrappin' it up.


This month flew by! I can't believe that this is my final post. To say I learned a lot would be an understatement. Between working with companies and regaining my vulnerability, I am so grateful that this last month came and went. So many of you had such kind words to say about this series which made it all worth it. I truly want this place to be somewhere for anyone struggling with / looking for anything to come & find grace. I could only hope that you would find some source of inspiration & / or life-giving moment on this tiny corner of the internet. It's such a gift to grow on this space with all of you. Blogging everyday was a huge task, so until next May I will be less consistent, but definitely still present. I'll be back in June with many more fun collaborations & partnerships + updates on how the summer bucket list is coming along!

Thanks for following along on this crazy + wild + new journey with me.

That's all xx