after my post about the candy store, i thought it would be fun to do a few posts with photos & videos about summer adventures. as a nanny, i'm challenged to think of new, creative, exciting activities with my boys everyday! they like to be outside and be going-going-going all the time. 

today we ventured over to minnehaha falls for a little swimming & a spontaneous bike ride around the park. it cost us $32 for a 8 person bike (we only had 6) and nothing to wander around the area by the falls! if you choose not to bike, this would be completely free! so nannies & moms would want a cost-free day, head down to minnehaha park & falls. (you do have to pay to park by a meter though.) we had an absolute blast! they boys loved swimming in the little pool of rocks. mason was even brave enough to fight the current to jump over bigger ones. there are tons of bridges to stop and look over the falls. there are also tons of different paths to walk on and explore. we spent over two hours there and we didn't even go past the swimming area. i highly recommend this adventure! cheap/free, fun, easy, and good for a hot day! & then end your day with dinner from pizza rev in edina! so yummy.

i got this backpack from my parents for graduation and i am in love with it! it's a swedish brand, so of course it caught my eye instantly, but it's actually super practical (one large pocket, one small pocket on outside, two water bottle side pockets, and a laptop sleeve on the inside) & it's the perfect size. i always feel like backpacks are so ginormous & unreasonable. this one is light, roomy, & comes in every color you could imagine. you can also adjust the straps to any length you want or hold it from the top handles. plus, it's cute! they sell them at brightwater in excelsior, but you can also find them online at fjallraven.com! can you tell i'm a big fan? of course i had to model it.

outfit details // embroidered top | anthropologie | $40 (on sale about a year ago) // denim shorts | j.crew outlet | $24.99 // turquoise converse | converse | $60 // fjallraven backpack | brightwater | ON SALE NOW (in store) - $79