Hello, 20.

#everydayinmaybyg / day 23

The big 2-0. Okay, maybe not that big, but it feels big, honestly. I've finished my 20th year & I am now in my 20s. Crazy. 

My parents asked me what my hopes & dreams are for the next year. I'm definitely a bucket list maker & a writer of all things dreams, so this question usually wouldn't stump me, but this time it did. Honestly, the next year feels really un-dreamable. Not in a bad way or in a way where I don't think that I can dream, but it's so unknown that I feel like dreaming it up isn't worth it knowing that all of my expectations & hopes will be beyond exceeded. Moving to Germany is already my biggest & ultimate dream, so at the moment, I feel kind of lame for asking for anything else. Also, I'm the kind of person who refuses to settle for anything less than my dreams becoming a reality. If they don't I'm highly disappointed & get in a serious rut because of it (working on that big time BTW). So, for this next year, I hope that I let life happen rather than making or forcing it to happen. Rarely do I give life the reigns to take me where it wants, but this time, for the first time, my dream is to dream less & let life play out just how it's supposed to. I'm not sulking or giving up on dreams, but sometimes I think dreaming can get in the way of our perfect + wonderful reality. So here's to 20, here's to reality & here's to being right here in the small moments.

I got this in honor of where I've been, where I am & where I'm going.

"Life is made of small moments like this."

That's what life is -- a billion small moments making up a giant, amazing life. Look for the moments, be in the moments, love the moments. 

That's all,