a post completely dedicated to my guy, alexander. 

a humble, kind, safe, intentional, strong, hilarious, toast-lovin boy who i, by the kindness of God, get the privilege of doing life with. 

i think it's sweet how God reveals more of His son, Jesus, to us through tangible people we are close to. 

through one friend you might see God's insane creativity and passion & through your brother you might see God's humility and wisdom. i think that's so fun that God does that... after all, we are made in His image aren't we? if we didn't each possess some of Jesus' character, we wouldn't reflect the image He created us in. even though none of us can fully reflect who Jesus was in the way we live, we can see aspects of His heart in each other. not one of us is perfect or totally like Jesus, but how exciting it is to experience glimpses of Him through the people around us!

so with that being said, alex surprises me. Jesus was a surprise, wasn't He? to the Jews... they thought he would be a military leader coming in with weapons & wealth, not a humble baby born in a barn. how could He possibly be the messiah they had been waiting for? and Jesus still surprises us. with His plans for us or in the different ways He shows up. Jesus must love surprises, because i have experienced many Jesus-given surprises already & i'm only 17.  alex surprises me. everyday i am in awe of the person God created him to be. i wasn't looking for an alex at the time he swooped in, but i'm so grateful for that surprise. he surprises me in the way he listens & gives. the way he is so dedicated to drumming. 

alex is kind. Jesus was (and is and will continue to be) kind. that's one of my favorite characteristics of our Savior; His kindness. when He met the woman at the well and had already known about the life she had chose to live in sin, He was kind to her. He made sure she knew she was loved by Him above all else. He didn't condemn her or tell her she was wrong; He chose only kindness. this is something alex reflects without even trying. he is kind when i see it is impossible to be kind at all. he reaches out to those who need to be treated with tenderness and looks for the good when others might see the bad. he never gossips or tears down, but instead chooses to lift up and encourage. i admire this about him & Jesus, that they choose kindness before anything else. 

alex is intentional. Jesus was (and is and will continue to be) intentional. when the woman in the street tugged on His cloak because her faith was so great to believe that just by the feel of a piece of His clothing could heal her, Jesus turned around immediately, knowing fully who had done it, asked who had pulled on His robe. He sought her out. even when the disciples told Him that it was probably nothing, He knew. He knew her name & why she had done it. but He was intentional in finding her & gently speaking to her broken heart. or how about when Jesus was choosing His twelve to come walk with Him in ministry? He didn't choose the "wise" men who sat in the temple, but the men who had been turned away. the men who He knew would change the world based on the other characteristics they exemplified, not just their ability to talk the talk. the raw and real ones. Jesus was intentional in choosing the twelve. alex is intentional in the way he lives his life, as well. reflecting pieces of Jesus' character along the way. in how he pursues the ones around him or how he talks to the people at the lunch table. the topics he chooses to voice his opinion on.

how fun it is to watch Jesus work His way into our lives, right!? the gifts and characteristics he creatively places into us before we are even born. i challenge you to reflect on the ways you tangibly see Jesus' heart in the people He graciously gave you, too. and tell them! share how you see God revealing Himself to you through their character. we are made in the complete and utter likeness of our King, Jesus and He wants us to rejoice in that!

thank you for being my tangible safe place, A. for being surprising, kind, & intentional in the most humble way. Jesus is proud of your life.