A death of life

so often i think the church focuses on the physical death of Jesus. the pain, the flogging, the carrying. although these are necessary things to remember when thinking about the death of our eternal King, it isn't all of it. other people have died awful deaths. people have been nailed to crosses, stoned, flogged, beheaded, spit on, etc. and please here me when i say these things, i don't mean to minimize Jesus' agony, i really don't at all. i just think we forget to mention the example that he gave while dying such a gross death. his character throughout the process. 

Jesus died 
kind. if you were being beaten would you be kind? would i be kind? if i was told to carry my cross, would i respond graciously? if your father was giving you over to die in the hands of cruel men, would you think kindly of him? Jesus cried out to his father and said that the soldiers who were killing him didn't know what they were doing and to have mercy on them. that is kind. 
Jesus died 
selfless. he gave his body, his mind, his soul, his emotional state freely and willingly over for the Kingdom of God. although he could have saved the world in a way that didn't hurt his entire being so gruesomely, he chose to give himself, without complaints, without questions. 
Jesus died 
obedient. he knew the will of his father and decided to obey it. i think we forget that Jesus had all of the power in the world, yet he submitted to the father's plan.
Jesus died 
serving. He died serving the world salvation. He died serving His Father. He lived a life of serving the world & then died a death of serving the world. He never stopped, never quit, never grew tired of the generosity He exuded each day or in His final breath. 
Jesus died 
love. He died with love in His heart for the beaters, the lonely, the seeking, the confused, the reckless, the abandoned. He loved the ones who's sins put Him on the cross. He loved His Father who's plan was for that death to be necessary. He loved.

but then he rose. Jesus rose today!

he rose humble, patient, gracious, kind, majestic. in His death, His character remained, and in His rise, His character shined. 

do we know what it means that Jesus died and that Jesus rose? do we get it? do we embrace it? do we live it? do i? do you? do i live everyday exuding the characteristics that Jesus exemplified even on the cross? or that He showed in His rise?

i think that the meaning of Easter -- Jesus' death & resurrection for the salvation of humanity is so important. we can't miss it. i can't; you can't. but today, while we celebrate that, let's remember to celebrate Jesus' character! and let's reflect, together, on whether or not we're living what Jesus died & rose. what a marvelous King we have the privelege of knowing because Jesus bore our sins! & then He rose. 

Jesus rose today! 

happy easter, He is risen indeed!