Week 5 | A Germany Series

It seems like I say this every time, but I can't believe week five has come and gone already. Last week was crazy busy (& the wifi is truly terrible), so I never got around to posting about week four, but there was nothing huge to report besides the fact that we had officially been here for a month. I'm not sure what I imagined what being here for 37 days would feel like, but it definitely wasn't this. I've loved every minute since arriving & it's only getting better with time. The last seven days were harder ones, but, like I said to my mom on the phone the other night, I would rather have hard days here than good days anywhere else right now. 

Our speakers for lecture Monday - Friday were Jill & Stuart Briscoe. I had no idea that they were as well-known as they are, but I guess they are huge in the Christian circle. They have a huge heart & connection to Torchbearers, so we are privileged to receive so much time from them. Jill's words were directly from the heart of Jesus. I felt so refreshed hearing her testimonies and stories, but also the wisdom she has gained over the years & years of pursuing the Lord with all that she is. I wanted to write down all of the things, but also wanted to truly listen, so I'll be buying a few of her books ASAP to have more of her written words. Stuart is an incredibly knowledgable disciple of Christ and spoke on the Church during his sessions. Being more heady, I struggled focusing, but had many takeaways from what he had to say as well. 

Jesus is continuing to reveal more & more to me about Himself, myself & His creation. He's bolding speaking His truth and reminding me constantly that I am surrounded by His children. He doesn't call us to like or relate to everyone, but He does call us to love everyone with a selfless and generous love as He does. Jill had many quotable, and poetic, things to say, but one that struck me in a big way was, "When you can't praise Him for what He's allowed, praise Him for who He is." This is something I've struggled with majorly over the last few years, but this opened my eyes to a whole new way of praising Jesus. Despite the hard, the nasty, the moments I wish I could un-see, the yuck that I've tasted -- none of that changes who God is & who He will always be. 

Last night Bodenseehof hosted our in-reach event called The Crossing. There will be three more throughout our time at Bible School, so that's something to look forward to. Tons of people from our area came, heard the Gospel, met the students, worshiped, and met Jesus in a unique & intentional way. My heart was overflowing seeing so many faces filling our building. It was a sweet, sweet time.

This coming week will be busy one with both a test & a paper due. Even though the work load is more than I expected, I'm grateful to be learning so much & still have a bit of a "school" feel. I'm praying that Jesus gives me more opportunities to love Him & others well in ways that challenge & teach me. I am emotionally exhausted and need a hug from my momma, but I have a peace about pressing on. It helped to be able to talk at length with Kristypants (my bester) and Nancbabe (my mom) this week. Here's to week six!